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Operating system convergence vs OS ‘merging’

I read an interesting piece this morning titled, “OS X and iOS should not merge.”

I took this as an extrapolation and extreme view on Operating System Convergence. OS Convergence is a philosophy that basically says the experience of using applications should be familiar or common across hardware platforms. In the Apple world it means that if the user is using  iMovie, for example, he or she should be able to use that application on an iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac should be functionally similar.

It doesn’t mean that OS X should someday be available on a mobile device. I wrote a little about Operating System convergence after WWDC. Here is a primer about it.

I couldn’t reproduce the article in its entirety due to a disclaimer at the end…so I decided to read it for you as best as I could …(I went to public school, so be warned)


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