On the result of Apples Q3 underperformance

Wrong or right, fair or not, I would imagine these are the things that Apple is going to have to deal with. They need to continue to do what they do. Just like it’s Customer expects and demands more from Apple than they would if they were a competing consumer device manufacturer, the investor seems to feel the same way. When you are expected to bring in 49.4 billion and you only get that .2 billion more, this is what it looks like when its Apple

Revenue expectationsMaybe $10 Billion in profit isn’t as much as it used to be


Maybe 49 Billion on Q3 revenue isn’t what investors need to be convinced.

Perhaps revenue isn’t what investors use as the litmus test for success. When Analysts project expected earnings, some companies are expected to cOn my way! Close that projection.

Others must meet it. But one is required to murder those expectations, burn it’s house down and eat it’s dog.

That didn’t happen yesterday.

They obviously expected Apple to perform better than that. It wasn’t enough that Apple sold almost 50 million iPhones and 4 million AppleWatches. Perhaps squeaking by estimates is the new mediocrity.

They are just going to have to deal.

They will have to deal with the fact that they can lose 60 billion dollars (roughly the amount Google has in cash) and still sleep at nigh because no one is losing their job. They can accept that 4 million wearables wasn’t what they were expecting. You don’t want to compare their launch quarter with Samsung’s, because their was embarrassing to everyone except them. Apple beat that 8K over and they didn’t want to tell anyone, Samsung was rolling in pig **** giggling about half a million units shipped.

The Perfect example of what Apple has to deal with can be pathetically sold to anyone in 5 slides. but the last 4 don’t really count..

This is how the world saw Apple yesterday:Apple beat down chart

It doesn’t matter that there is no context here, or that the supposed labels are fine. What matters…is how it looks. this is what losing 60 Billion dollars in Market Cap looks like That is a lot of money to everyone. Especially Apple. And there are tech  journalists and bloggers who want to project this, if nothing more than for the satisfaction of manipulating the less attentive, I’m sure after this chart was cone , the author continued draw green robots in crayon, pissing on fruit.

I will leave you with a few charts of my own. Have a great Night.



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