On Google V. Apple | Owning the hardware

How will always trump what

I thought this was an excellent piece from   Euinfo.info, comparing Pixel and iPhone. Not a product comparison…but a philosophical contrast. How the vision behind each product makes a huge difference on performance, life-cycle, sustainment and eco-system revenue generation:

Waging a Smartphone War

At first glance, the Pixel seems like it is competing with the iPhone. Google says the phone’s camera is rated higher than the one in iPhone 7, and that a 15-minute charge can restore seven hours of battery life.

If the Pixel’s hardware measures up, its product offerings could make it the first smartphone positioned against iPhone to knock it off its throne. It is bundled with full-resolution backups for photos and 4K video, which equals to more disk space, and also integrates with Google Assistant, Google’s first-ever personal assistant.

The assistant can extract requests from conversational questions, and follow up by requesting more information. It appears to be significantly more valuable than Siri, yet at the same time nowhere close.
Google over and again emphasized another value that separates it from Apple, ‘personalization’. Google has a humungous database of information about its clients, and it’s not afraid to use it. Search patterns, emails, voice queries, location history, and texts. With access to this information, Google Assistant can out together a pretty good picture of what the user is going to want to need.

Great piece. It’s too bad Google didn’t take their acquisition of Motorola more seriously than just intellectual property portfolio. Google did this to try and keep Android OEM partners out of court…unfortunately it didn’t work.

My Take

But it is a slippery slope: I’m not sure Google wants to be responsible for hardware issues and support. They want their OEM partners to take that responsibility. But there is no money in post-sale Android support. 
THAT is Googles conundrum. Google is making billions in mobile Search revenue and their OEM’s are flailing to capture mobile space profit dollars…where Apple is scooping up +90% of those dollars.

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