Ogden Canyon

Ogden Canyon Waterfall | Drone Video

Ogden, Utah

 Photo of a waterfall

Ogden Canyon is a beautiful place in the state that connects Ogden and Huntsville next to Pine View dam. There are all kinds of things to see driving through this narrow 2-lane canyon. Restaurants,  retreats and homes for the residents that choose to live in this beautiful place.

Just past the mouth of the canyon, there is a waterfall that everyone stops to take photos and just soak in the environment.

 A photo of ogden waterfall

On my way back to Ogden from Huntsville where I was taking some 360 panos, I stopped by the waterfall and checked my last Spark battery: (which was charging in the drone) 2 greens with one on the blink. I figured that would be enough to get up, baby forward and back down.

It was.

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