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My first 10 minutes with Windows 10

I had actually installed an insiders preview edition on my MacBook Air using Oracle Virtual box. It was incredibly snappy. However, my Mac is on the the preview beta version of El Capitan, and for whatever reason The Jailbreak App for Windows wasn’t recognizing my iPhone so that was all the Windows I could handle that day.

Today, I have an HP laptop made of wonderful plastic (but it’s high class because they etched the plastic to make it look like it was something else…kinda like an chrome truck bumper with the diamond shaped  Kung-fu grip.


plasticky piece of shit
mmm…computers made with petroleum biproducts

But it does have a 1.9GHz uProcessor, and 4 cores. And it had the 4 wavy boxes inside the circle thing on one of the buttons on the keyboard, so I figured it would be perfect for a dirty Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 8.

The Windows 10 Buzz

Everyone has been writing about how great it is. The Edge Browser, Cortana, Xbox integration and streaming (I oft utilize my 360) and there was much hoopla on the day of the rollout…millions of people had already done it, I built a virtual environment and installed it…I figured: Its showtime.


The install was flawless, just like they said it would be…just like it was on Oracle VBox, but this time I actually went through all of the set-up steps and completed them with my old Microsoft Account, I added a PIN (which is a great idea by the way), Boom! I’m good to go! I get Cortana set up, link up OneDrive to some folders for cloud sync services, make some adjustments to the hardware on the boot environment and have a peek at the management and service snap-ins. I’m really liking Start Menu with the metro tiles flipping…and there was the Xbox icon. So I Launch XBox. guess what happened? It finds my XBox! It’s like…Windows runs like a Mac! It just finds things without opening dialogue boxes asking you to troll a directory, and it just works.


It says it needs to install some stuff, so I shift to my iPhone to get the SmartGlass app from the AppStore when I hit my first problem:

Windows Activation

Before you can make customization to Windows, you must activate it. No worries! I’m legit on this one! I’ve got a PID….that doesn’t work. Hmmm.

So decided to go to Windows 10 support and figure it out. Plus I’ll get to use the bad-ass browser everyone is talking about. It will be fun. Like working in a sandbox.

Microsoft Edge. The Windows 10 browser

I have heard nothing but great things about Edge. Something tells me though, that the people who think it’s great are probably Windows 8 users and actually use Internet Explorer. I’m a former Windows user. I actually liked Windows 7…a little. But most would agree that you could smear peanut butter on the display of a Windows 8 computer and that would be better than I.E. So I launch Edge and figure it needs to connect to the Internet and maybe update things, so I wait a little bit…

I play a game of Warship Battle on my iPad Air 2

iPad games







It was taking forever. But I looked twice and there were 3 tabs open, and one was looking for focus. It was a One drive tutorial on other OD plugins and apps for mobile that compliment the service. So I open up another tab find the Windows 10 Support section and it says to launch Store to see what the issue is. I also see a link that says Troubleshooting common problems and a FAQ link which I click on to pre-game the revisit before shifting focus to Store. Here is what happened when I launched it:




No bigs. just needs to update, right? So while Im waiting for that I go back to Edge to read up on the rest of that FAQ, and it started:

Then there was an Action Center message that said Windows needed to download a display driver


The driver was done downloading in one session, but 2 others were still searching. So I AltTabbed to windows behind and got this:


Its downloading in one session, searching in 2 others and telling me that the best driver is already installed…at the same time.

So I call up the task manager to kill these processes because they won’t close with the X button:

It lags and says (Not Responding) on launch, but when it finally does run, the Task Manager reports the Task Manager as not responding. And it was right, because it wouldn’t kill any process.

So I switched over to the Computer Management Snap-In:



But guess what happenned what I hit enter? Thats right! Nothing! Why? The Task Manager can’t be envoked to kill the process because its not reposnding either!

I decided I would go to see if the Store finally updated so I can fins out what the hell is actually in there to help me…other than paying for another freaking license:

Windows embarassing


I can take an hint. Time to reboot:

Well. OK then.

Reset pc





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