Mobile Economic Justice | 100K WinMo users petition Pokémon development

 Windows Mobile users despise being developer-insignificant

Pokémon windows 10 mobile
They deserve it, because: Economic justice

Petition at gains 100k supporters

We are all disappointed in Microsoft for their lackadaisical effort on Windows 10 mobile.  After selling off Nokia, purchasing Linked-In and developing a camera application for iOS, you would think Microsoft just doesn’t seem to like their own platform. MS has snuggled up close to iOS after dumping the Android Bridge for apps and choosing to focus solely on iOS applications. If you look in the AppStore, you will find nearly 60 Microsoft applications for iOS users.


But Windows users are pissed off because they don’t have Pokémon Go. So muc so, that they have taken ‘action’ on the discrepancy by getting a petition fleashed out.


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