Maps vs. Maps | Tile data | Pokémon Hack

So here are the fruits of labor of the Goog. You can see what the advantage of spending $1Bn/month on software maintenance costs (that figure is for both Maps and Gmail combined) that includes new hi-resolution map tiles.

nonwater skis
Jensen Park, Syracuse UT
water ski parks
Jensen Park, Syracuse UT

Google Maps is great mapping software, and it is free. At least for you…if you are willing to let the Goog capture data points you generate while you are using the application. 

Maps is a platform that you can add kvm data overlays to custom maps, to pin – point useful POI’s…like knowing where all the Pokémon are:

map of pokemon

Some kid got the lat-long data for the Pokémon in an area, and using a tool her developed in Python, (and excellent language to code in, says my 15 y/o daughter) and distributed on the Pokémon Reddit.

No, I will not show you how this is done. The point of the game is to get your *** outside and find them.

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