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Maps on iOS 10 beta 1

Field testing Maps on iOS10 beta 1

Real life, real-time.

I took maps for iOS 10 on a ride to see what new things I could find. Apple has been busy with their MapsConnect service that maps your business inside and out. This has been going on for about a year and the data is getting there. With yelp integration, there is almost data to rival Google Maps.


The business strategy for Apple and Maps is a difficult one, because there is no revenue generated from the end result. Contrast that with Google’s deployment plan…which uses maps as an engagement platform to extract user data and then sell it to advertisers. Since door to door navigation (or even web and data services in general) can be a deciding factor on which platform to choose. So for Apple, it’s an investment that hedges a little closer to users who buy on services.

My route:

I took a drive from Provo to Syracuse Utah, through construction, and Salt Lake City. I found gas stations on the way, got re-routed due to road closure, checked out Vivint arena (where the Jazz play I guess).


User Experience

Apple seems to have  focused on the user interface. Making buttons and text bigger as well.

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