Twitter Facebook and others in iOS settings

Make sure you are viewing and uploading HD video on FaceBook | How-To

Get a new iPhone and like FaceBook? Make sure you upload and consume video in HD!

One of the biggest mistakes I see iOS users make, is not taking advantage of the native settings for popular social media platforms on the iPhone and the iPad. This section in settings is very important and also very simple to set up:

Twitter Facebook and others in iOS settings
Social media settings in iOS

Going straight for the apps

Many Twitter, FB, Flickr and Vimeo users will simply jump straight to the AppStore and install the apps. Trust me, this isn’t the best way to go about it. Because when you do, you will miss out on some of the bennies that native integration in iOS provides for these social media platforms.

Today we will focus on FaceBook:

iOS Facebook settings
Facebook settings in iOS

When you tap on the Facebook native settings in iOS, you will see the privacy toggles for the apps that have been granted access to the Facebook application. But at the top, you will notice the ‘Settings’ option. This is key to ensure that the videos you are uploading to Facebook servers are uploaded in high-definition:

hd options for Facebook uploads
Make sure you toggle that ‘upload in HD’ option to the green light.


Here is a video I created last year on how to do this if the above instructions aren’t clear enough, (I went to public school).


Consuming HD video on Facebook:

One of the downfalls of the software engineering in the Facebook application for mobile devices, is the default to show video in standard definition. The user MUST tap the HD toggle in the lower right hand corner to enable HD consumption:

Here is a video I uploaded, (in HD because I have the HD toggle in native Facebook setting for iOS as outlined in the previous instructions and video), to Facebook. As you can see by the sight glass n the lower right hand corner, HD is NOT lit by default. If you tap anywhere on the video Viewport or pause the video, that toggle becomes available for you to toggle it. It must be lit for the HD version to be presented.

Be warned, if you don’t follow the directions in the first portion of this How-To, your audience will not be able to consume your awesome vid in HD.

Merry Christmas and happy Facebooking!


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