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Mail for iOS 10 | Unsub easy | New features

2 taps is all it takes

In mail for iOS, it has become incredibly easy to unsubscribe from mail sent to you from a mailing list. If mail detects that it is spam you signed/were signed up for, it will give you an info banner at the top letting you know you can unsub(scribe).

When you choose yes, Mail will send the request on your behalf for unsubscribing.

It works.

On the surface, this doesn’t seem like some huge innovation. More like a basic service. I do not know of any mail platform that will natively provide this for you, until now. Let me show you how this little feature will help you save the planet and protect you from stupid.
I am not kidding.

Saving the planet



I once bought an art piece at auction. Not because I like art auctions, but because my wife did. And therefore I did. At least for the hour it took to end. When it was over, I was the owner of a Römer Britto piece that hangs in the dining room. I bought it in December of 2008, from Park Gallery West. They are awesome. But they have also been sending me email every week since 2008  then about something. I don’t know what it is because I don’t care. I don’t care so much I won’t even open the mail to reply to tell them I don’t care. These emails are sometimes filled attachments, which takes more electrons to process, count, send, receive, store…then I delete them (or just pass over them), where they will be archived….for years.

Do you even realize how many coal-fired electrons it takes to do that? Unsubbing from this email just reduced my carbon footprint.


Protection from the stupid


Politic spam

Here is an email from my friend…and yours, Mitt Romney. Mitt doesn’t email me much but when I looked at his email address, it seems he is working for the re-election campaign for Gary Herbert. Who is Gary Herbert? A politician who thinks I am stupid.




Threaded view is my favorite, comes with notifications. Today is a good one. And the unread/read toggle.


There you have it. It is interesting how just a little rudder can shape your trajectory when it comes to a little forward thinking in feature sets with data services. Apple seems to be very interested in finding ways to maintain and even elevate the capability of their own stock applications, with 3rd party developer extensions.

It certainly shows that Apple is willing to adjust the balance that they believe brings the best user experience with security. They are willing to open up the services that users want to see more flexibility. Apps like Messages, Maps. To facilitate that ramp-up, they need help. They turned to the Developer Community.

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