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Logan Utah | 360

Logan, Utah #360

Under a tree
Logan Utah

I was going through some shots and I came across this one. I figured you would like to see it as well.

The way the stitching logic decides how to make the pucker at the zenith is interesting.

VR View

If you have a set of Google cardboards, these will work for you:

Tiny Planet

This shot makes for a great TinyPlanet:

Match them up
Note the config controls at the bottom.


Logan Utah. Tiny Planet. #imthemobileguru #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

The dynamic nature of photospheric data is an anomaly. It can be beautiful, it doesn’t take much talent to create, but more importantly…the propensity for it to be used in geospatial navigation on mobile devices seems to be ignored.

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