Linux kernel root vulnerability affects many Android devices, Google working on mid-cycle patch

 patch me!  
This is from the guys at 9to5google. The vulnerability gets critical in some of the past kernel versions of Linux which allows root access to applications. Google says they have taken measures to mitigate that at the PlayStore level.

Of course, with Android there is the OEM fragmentation factor. Which devices are going to get OEM love for the customer? The best sellers and currently supported. It would make too much sense to order users by size of demographic as priority. 

Android usually maintains a monthly security patch schedule, but Google has released an out-of-cycle fix for a serious vulnerability that affects a majority of devices. The company is working on a security update for Nexus devices and has released the patch for other OEMs to implement. more…Filed under: Android Tagged: Android security patch, Linux kernel, security
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