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The first time I saw a the result of a 360 sphere view camera, I knew I had to be part of that technology. Not only because it is anchored in mobile visual engagement because it connects the consumer to the image via MEMS sensors like the gyroscope, but because I love photography.

I’m just not good at it.

That’s fine.

I’m not good at a quite a few things. That’s why I like technology. Because engineering can augment a little bit of skill to make it look like talent. And when you hold a device that takes an image of the entire viewable space, its tough to take a bad shot.

Tech can bring you to the level that talent will never allow you to go. Mobile tech will allow you to take it everywhere.

Some advise to give it time…well that just takes too much time.

So, I went out looking for a 360 camera. These are cameras with 2 opposing sensors or a sensor on a rotating arm to capture the entire viewable space. Some post processing, stitching and distortion are added to give it a spherical look. Then the gyroscope van be deployed during type view time so the consumer can manipulate the field of view by panning and rotating the camera.

Just like in Google Street View

Theta and phone
iPhone 6, Theta S. My gear of choice

Then the Goog gamified their localguide maps curation initiative to help push the Google My Business project. As people are moving away from search in the ROS or, “Rectangle of stupid” when it comes to finding places, Apple knows this. Google acknowledges it but denies that Search is falling by the way side…even though they see the long term strategic value in shifting focusing from the ROS to Google Maps as the search vehicle for commerce. The reason they see this is because their users find value instantaneously…rather than having to sift through 3 pounds of SEO’d bullshit just to get to their intended source of information. completely, it can be completely wrong.

I document this and contrast the difference between popular and accurate in  a piece called: The misconception of popular.

Today, Google is starting to realize that the Rectangle of Stupid has made people stupid by allowing them to disseminate the stupid that other people place into the ROS. So much so…that Search has become a joke. A funny-ha-ha joke.

Is that a couch under your dead Pakistani?

So it is now all about Maps. Google Maps. Maps for iOS. And a few others. But Google allows users to modify the data on the public maps server:


Virtual Tour


EOD Tank

Fairly awkward moment with a MSGT yesterday at lunch.
A few years ago I remembered driving by a tank on the base .I found this some what funny. Not becaue there was a tank on an Air Force base, but that a former Squid was driving on an Air Force base amused at the scenarios that would have put it there in the first place.

You will notice the sphere distortion at the bottom. I did not have a tri or mono pod fit for this kind of shoot, so I was choosing angles and capturing HD photo spheres while holding a mini extender in my hand with the Theta mounted on it…and putting it on top of my head so I would get the same frame of reference off the deck.

The tank sits out front of the Explosive Ordinance Division on the base. When they saw what I was doing (walking around their tank with a stick on my head) the MSGT walked out and asked me what the hell I was doing. I told him I wanted to capture some 360 footage of the tank and demoed the shots I had taken. He thought the gyro-anchored image was cool. He then asked me if I could remove the Poke’man that someone had put on the tank because it drives traffic to the contolled access gate…which the Tank guards the opening to.

I told him I didnt play Poke’man.

You can have a look at the Virtual Tour here:

PlusCode: 85H94XWH+W2


The constellations still have some weird attribute that can be a challenge to get a hold of, but the images can be cleaned up using snapseed and wont lose bits if you save them as a PNG, and use thetaconverter to bring the meta back during the return to JPG.

I have added the tank as a scenic spot. EOD and this VT are pending. As of this morning. I’m the closest L5 LocalGuide we have for verification…but I cant go verifying my own POS now….can I.


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