Karma comes around for Samsung

Samsung Mobile has very aggressive marketing. Some of it is funny, some of it is note (HA!). That’s not a necessarily a bad thing, unless you are marketing your own build quality against some of the highest quality consumer electronics in the universe.

Last week when I put up the guru video wall, I was deluged with emails ranging from “Why are you hocking the Note 4…traitor?” to “All ur vids R belong to Samsung!” You couldn’t watch one video without first having to go through a water boarding about how the iPhone 6 copied the trend of Samsung larger display size.

Samsung and Google did spend a lot of money on an ad overlays through YouTube videos relating to technology on the lead up to the Note 4 preorder.

Today, things are much quieter. I’m not sure if it’s because Samsung stock is tanking, or if it is because the Note 4 build quality is so shabby, that people are using them as business card holders.


The Note 4 suffers from sizable spacing between the screen and metal frame body. Korean media is reporting hundreds of complaints from early adopters in South Korea who got the first shipments on Friday.

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