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Warning: Your head may hurt from all the stupid

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This is Kevin.

The Guardian calls him a, ‘journalist’ and, ‘author’. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because I couldn’t get through all of the whining and crying in their story and still have the motivation to vet his credentials.

Kevin is mad.

He is upset because Facebook fed his, journalistic’, pie-hole a 24-hour ban (num-num-num) after he called some people, ‘Russo-American oligarchical theocratic fascists’. His remarks were flagged and Facebook acted. Whether or not they acted appropriately is hardly the beef. It is their platform. Journalist or not, Kevin doesn’t have the right to say whatever he wants – on someone else’s platform – without consequence.

It is comparable to Kevin thinking he can come to your house, say whatever he wants in the name of, ‘journalism’, while intellectually and honestly believing that you don’t have the prerogative to kick him out.

Can he say whatever he wants while outside your house and be safe from your treacherous judgements and penalties? Of course!

But don’t you stop being a, ‘journalist’, and start being a troll when you call people names like some 10-year-old on the kickball diamond? Here is a novel idea – don’t respond in-kind.

To be fair, Kevin Sessums responded with the, ‘fascist’, comment after allegedly being called a, “Jew”, and other names. He therefore responded in the best way he could muster and his comments were flagged and the rest is history.

It’s chilling. It’s arbitrary censorship … Do I have to be careful about what I say about Trump now?

Kevin Sessums

Is this a serious question?

Kevin sounds like a millennial. But you can’t call him that because…well…he is old. Old enough to know you can’t go around wherever you want while not taking care with what you say – about anyone.

Is it censorship? Not in the context of a free-press. He got in an adolescent name-calling contest and was labeled a troll. Free press is for journalists, not trolls.

So whose fault is this?

It is our fault. All of ours. We failed people like Kevin because many of us choose to get our, ‘news’, from Facebook while completely throwing critical thinking out the window – believing all the crap we read on said platform like the memes and the fake-news – leaving the responsibility to Facebook to manage what we read. Much like we resign our freedoms and privacy to the government because we are too lazy to manage those parts of our lives by our own selves.

How did that work out for us?

(The fodder I consumed to create this masterpiece is hosted at The Guardian)

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