Iraq shuts off the entire internets…thrice.


3 Times over 3 days for 3 hours

So 6th graders wouldn’t cheat on finals


Iraq has been shutting down the internet periodically to prevent students from cheating on exams, according to data from DYN Research, a firm that tracks web outages across the world. The company’s data shows that internet access was nearly entirely blocked for three hours on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning this week, between 5AM and 8AM local time. That pattern mirrors shutdowns that the Iraqi government ordered last year, which coincided with final exams for sixth grade students.



I did not know such things were possible. To have the ability to shut of the internets of an entire country:

Metrics from DYN Research show 3 outages coinciding with elementary school testing.


They wouldn’t try that here

Kids would riot.