iPhone 7 water resistance test|Surfing

Square Trade durability test

iPhone 7 water resistance

Square trade is at it again with their latest durability tests this time they take tech to the beach.

Square trade is famous for their durability tests as they aren’t the run-of-the-mill scenarios. While we all appreciate the drop tests under controlled environments, and the water dunking using bowls of water that sit on a table Square Trade goes glam when it comes to their productions.

Last year, they commissioned Luke Rockhold to beat the shit out of the iPhone 6s and Plus models. Before that, they used a 3 point bend machine to document the catastrophic breaking points of flagship handsets from Apple, HTC and Samsung.

This year, they head out to a lovely beach with whom ever this guys is…and you will have to watch to see what the result is.

They obviously have to use another camera to capture the footage. It happens to be a Go-Pro.

Maybe they should make mobile phones out of GoPro guts eh?

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