iPhone 7 rocks the display industry with more record breaking achievements

iPhone 7 rocks the display industry with more record breaking achievements


Not only does it own the competition, but it looks good while it’s doing it.

Display mate, the display authority fawns over the iPhone 7 display so much…you would think it was a paid endorsement. They said the IPS (in-plane switched) LCD display is so good, that there are doubts that Apple should switch to a OLED (OrganicLED) display. Another blow to the tech journalism insolence of outlets like CNET, Business insider and others who lament Apple for using an IPS display for obvious reasons.

Here are the highlights:


The iPhone 7 has two standard color gamuts. The notable one is the wide color gamut announced in the September event. While there are 3 other mobile devices that already have DCI-P3 gamuts used in 4K UHD TVs and Digital Cinema, Apple has implemented Absolute Color Accuracy in both style standard and wide color gamuts. This means that the iPhone 7 display is visually indistinguishable from perfect. It is the most accurate display ever measured.

“That’s impressive….The best we’ve ever measured” -Display mate

That’s what she said.


Where brightness is needed, the iPhone 7 display produces a Peak Brightness of 602 nits, and an Automatic Peak Brightness of 705 nits (a per-area measure of brightness). The larger value is based on the automatic brightness setting and controlled by the system.

It is important to understand that peak brightness on the Automatic setting is how the mobile device should be measured because other display OEMs have released AMOLED displays that wash out in the sun. Something that doesn’t happen with IPS displays that Cupertino builds into their devices. To compensate for the wash, a display mode called OverBright had to be released in a firmware update that allowed the user to place the handset in a mode that wasn’t designed for normal use…which severely drained the battery.

“When Automatic Brightness is turned On, the iPhone 7 produces up to an impressive 705 nits in High Ambient Light, where high Brightness is really needed – the Highest Peak Brightness for a Smartphone for any Average Picture Level APL, including Full Screen White.” -Display Mate”

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio is the delta between the brightest white and the darkest black. This is where OLED displays have an advantage because they don’t have to backlight to go black. In fact, some AMOLED displays stay on when black. But the iPhone 7 has an IPS LED display, and it’s contrast ratio is a record breaker for this type of display.

The highest ever at 1,762

The facts

Even I’m starting to get uncomfortable with how cozy Display Mate is fawning over the iPhone 7. But if you have used the device stared at the display…spooning with something that beautiful when you have a display fetish might be ok. Let’s just skip to the important stuff:

Lowest screen reflectance for any smartphone ever (4.4%)

Highest contrast rating in high ambient light for any Average Picture Level on any smartphone…ever.

“Very Accurate Image Contrast and Intensity Scale (with Gamma 2.21) – Visually Indistinguishable from Perfect.”


“Many Android Smartphones still have some form of 16-bit color depth in the Gallery Viewer. The iPhones do not have this issue.”


U”The display on the iPhone 7 is a Truly Impressive Top Performing Display and a major upgrade to the display on the iPhone 6. It is by far the best performing mobile LCD display that we have ever tested, and it breaks many display performance records. ” – Display Mate

Get a room.


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