iPhone 6/6+ display repair

A young lady from L.A. called me today to find out how much I charge for an i6 display replacement, and if I could do it while she was visiting St. George. It caught me off guard because I haven’t done one yet.  I can’t ever find the part stock, but I do know that they are easier than a 5S, due to the TouchID ribbon connector being relocated.

I completed a 5S last week, and the replacement that was ordered equires the technician to remove the home button assembly, the ear speaker, the front facing camera, the proximity sensor etc…and install them on the new display assembly.

No bueno.

I told her the best thing for her to do is purchase the part from ifixit. (Which is what I do) Then whomever she chose to perform the repair couldn’t mark up parts, and would go on labor only. Before you decide to break your i6/+ display, here are the material costs for an OEM replacement component: (I would never do a repair with a non-OEM part, and you should never accept one)

iPhone 6 display iPhone 6 plus display

These are the assemblies that contain a new home button and FFC. If you don’t get this assembly, the following happens:

Display assembly disassembled


Assemblies get broken down to components just to be reassembled. This evolution does not happen by PFM, and its not worth paying the tech the time required than it is to pony up the 20-50 bucks for new parts anyway.

I know it must be frustrating having a display that is cracked. i haven’t experienced this personally, but I fix them all the time for people who are and do, and I hope broken iPhone 6 chick gets her handset squared away soon.


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