iPhone 6+: It is big. It is bright. It bends

The iPhone 6+ is a great piece of technology,but you have to be careful with it that's for sure. Latest reports coming in are showing that the iPhone 6+ bends when placed in your back pocket and you sit down with it in there. I'm surprised that a product like this actually comes from Apple. You think they would've caught this in real world testing

I would encourage anyone who has bought or is going to pick up an iPhone 6+ to be extremely careful when placing it in a pocket especially when there going to be bending on your body and it can put stress on the frame.

The counterpoint this would be abuse by users. Common sense tells you not to put it in your pocket especially if you're wearing tight clothing and if that clothing is going to be bending on your body. Because anything inside that pocket would be bending as well.


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