iPhone 6 controlled panos on a Theta S | Jason Yeaman


A storm


Technology makes it happen.

I just push the button…and even then there is an auto capture mode where you push to start and push to stop.

The one other factor I guess is being there. Which is easy for me. Because no matter where you go – There you are.


Bear Lake

Me at bear lake

This is one I took of myself. Using an iPhone 6 as a remote and a Theta S mounted on my Jeep

Pano ohotofraphy


My kid, her cousins at the beach.

At home

This craziness happened just above where I live. I was out Googlin’ around when a storm system formed up.

Above my crib.

iPad Mini4

I ran across the street to cap this pano on my iPad mini4.

A storm

Another iPad Mini pano.


This is just a screen cap of the end of the day for me. The mounted Theta S was rolling video when this happened.




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