Iphone 5 display repair: The snap zip and drop of ‘moderate’


I came home from a camping trip with the family to this:

Cracked i5 display



It’s easy to tell that this handset was not dropped. Something fell on it and caused the need for repair. You can also tell from the residue that it had a ‘screen protector’ on it.

If you do choose to use a ‘screen protector’, might I recommend one that has some impact resistance properties to it. So called, ‘self healing’ protectors manufactured from a thicker plastic and glass or sapphire based hardware protection might have mitigated a repair in this instance.

The purpose of this informative is to show the benefit of choosing a replacement part that makes the labor portion of the repair easy. You can see the replacement assembly above on the left includes the home button, front-facing camera, ear speaker and proximity sensor already mounted. A cheaper part without these components could have saved $10-20, but then whomever is conducting the repair would need to disassemble the old one and remount them on the new. In my opinion, there is no savings with the cheaper part. First, it adds 30-40 minutes on what otherwise would have been a 15-20 minute evolution. Second and most importantly, home buttons are mechanical, and they will eventually fail. Might as well replace it now while you have the handset open and accessible.

After getting the device open, it is literally a 10 minute evolution removing the ribbon socket bracket, disconnecting the ribbon cluster and re-attaching the new display assembly to the logic board.





Wahlah! As they say in that fancy French talk.

(I went to public school)

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