iPad pro un-boxing

My friends over at 9-to-5 mac have decided to unveil their new iPad Pro with the ever- pretentious and over-ceremonious UN – boxing. Now,  there’s really nothing wrong with an un-boxing, especially in the context of Apple consumer devices…because the presentation is absolutely part of the user experience. Getting a new Apple device is a thing of beauty. More than likely you’ve spent a grip of cash on something that not only looks beautiful but performs beautiful as well. The tactile feel of superior build materials coupled with the aesthetic effect of industrial design superiority is an experience that every human being should have the privilege of undertaking.

However the filming or capping of tech un-boxing it is…well, it is a little pretentious. Which is why I bought a scepter. So tomorrow when I cap the un- boxing of my iPhone 6s Plus with my iPhone 6, I will also be wielding a scepter. Now I have recorded tech un-boxings in the past, I think my iPad 3 un-boxing is a literal work of art. Of course in my line of work there are days when you would unbox 200 to 300 iPads. So it’s easy to realize that quickly, one would tend to be numb to the novelty of technology un-boxing… and of course the creative must find ways to make sure that Work is entertaining so things like this happen:


But seeing as 9-to-5 Mac is an outstanding publication why don’t we just head over there at the following link: 

And have a look at what they have to offer.

(featured image credit 9 to 5 Mac)

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