iOS automation: How to double your productivity or cut the time you spend engaged in half.


Mobile Philosophy

One of the things I do, is consume information and technology in the mobile-space and try to produce solutions that make people’s lives better. This includes things that help you after you have picked up the phone so that you can find ways to more productive while engaged with the phone. 

All of this is based on the premise that I show you how figure out what needs to be done so you can put down the phone, and live life.

The Tools

There are great tools for iOS, when it comes to automation. When I talk about iOS automation in public,  people will say, “Ohh I love If-This-Then-That!” IFTTT is a great tool. But it’s mostly geared toward social media, and because of that it has been adopted by the mobile marketing community as one of the best ways to cross-post and share information between social media platforms. 

 iphone with solver gears 
Designing a workflow for someone based on their responsibilities on the job is a much more involved task. A few years ago, people would ask me how they could do ‘this’, and I could recommend an application to get it done, train it, button it up and: Bingo! Time for cookies.

But these days, accomplishing tasks requires a chain of applications. The output or partial output of one application serves as the input for the next, and this can go on for a few more steps until the desired output solution is achieved. I have designed workflows that span across 5 applications. Sometimes the data between  applications requires formatting before it can be accepted as an input for the next segment in the workflow. Having  to do this manually is not conducive to efficiency in productivity. That’s where scripting, and automation come in handy. Two of my favorite apps for this are Launch Center Pro for chaining applications together, and Workflow which is a granular solution for iOS automation. 


Workflow Components

red play video
A fly over of Workflow components

Workflow is an outstanding application. Not only for its functionality, but for the insight into the mechanics of iOS it gives the user. The user can look for pre-made non-specific solutions to everyday tasks. These solutions can be applied to the share sheet, placed on the springboard or installed in Notification Center:


4 images on wirkflow
this image presentation was built in workflow

The best thing about Workflow, is assembling a you-specific workflow based on your individual needs. From there, you can publish it to a gallery where others like you who want automation for similar tasks they need to complete…can benefit from your awesomeness.

Knowledge sharing…it’s what’s for dinner.

The Update

Workflow was updated today, and it includes a couple of new tools: Post to WordPress and create note. 

The WordPress workflow is one that I dove right into. Getting authentication set-up to pre-game the process was a breeze. I operate a self-hosted install on an Apache server. Self hosted WordPress installs are  supported.

3 pane photo
WordPress updates for Workflow for iOS

Workflow is an application I could not go without. Time on the phone screwing around playing games is one thing…but when you actually use it in place of a computer, it’s hard to put down when you aren’t done with the workday.

The project is a mobile-exclusive project. Everything from the content creation, publication, server set up, administration and maintenance, graphics, video, design and deployment…all of it is done on mobile devices. The majority of my work gets hammered out on my iPhone. The very article you are  reading, for example. I wrote it while shopping at Wal-Mart…lol:

I do not recommend writing here…

Life is lived only partially at home. The rest is lived on the go. That means we can be inspired on the go. When that happens, I produce on the go. There is no reason to wait until you get home to do that. With powerful mobile tools…especially mobile tools in publishing, documentation, content development and reference producing engaging content can be accomplished where ever you are…even at the grocery store.

Automation tools like Workflow make it easy.

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