iOS AppStore gets pre-gamed in lieu of new iPhone launch

 Video game placeholder

Apple should be expecting elevated traffic in both the retail Apple stores, and the AppStore are well. New iPhone 6S and SPlus owners will be eager to test out the new mobile tech that goes officially in the wild tomorrow.

They have prepared a list of titles that take advantage of the Metal enhanced graphic performance and apps that utilize 3DTouch for the new display on the handset that brings pressure sensitivity, temperature sensing and haptic feedback.

One of the titles that does this is AG Drive, a racing based title that claims advanced control support for the 6S touch display.

1 AG drive AG drive 2





Another title is Geometry wars, a metal enhanced virtual dual stick shooter. One of my favorites:

The link in the AppStore for this special section of titles will be found in the iOS AppStore top slider and looks like this:

iPhone 6S





Its a great great list of titles. When I went through it I found that I already own a few, and each one if these games is guru approved!

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