iOS App updates | 15SEP2016

Some notable app updates today:

  • 6ya

Have you ever needed some help and wish you could call someone who has expertise to answer your question? This is the app that does it. You will find me in the mobile tech section handsets/tablets.

  • G+

Some people still use it. I hang on to see what the Android community thinks about iOS. It’s entertainment for me.

  • Cardboard camera 

Googles iOS app for capping 360 panoramas…real 360…then you turn your iPhone sideways and I splits the view into 2 feeds – one for each eye. It is cool.

  • Twitter

Watch football on Twitter tomorrow. Why? I don’t know it’s the New York football Jets vs the Bills. I’d rather watch something like Colin Kappernick getting his ass kicked on Twitter…but I’ll update it anyway.

  • Chrome

The installable infrastructure for engagement that pretends it’s a web browser gets Siri-like capability for contextual QnA.

  • Facebook

Should try to be a little more transparent.

  • YouTube Creator 

Not a bad app if you are a ‘Tuber. I use it to see how I can improve my channel.

Almost killer content

Speaking of my YouTube channel check this out:

You never know what will happen next. But keep the cameras rolling.

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