iOS nine and some phones

iOS 9 | Keyboards| Benchmarks

All loaded up on iOS 9 beta 2.

Right away, I can tell you that Safari is a gazillion times better from the perspective of content development. The touch sensitivity discernment  between navigation and text input is much better.

I almost want to cry.

As the iPad Air 2 booted I was greeted with the following screens:

You will notice the screen with the keyboard visible, that an undo/redo is added when text is not selected, and bold/italic/underline is also added on the right.  image

The goal here is to keep the users digits on the entry pad, making word processing less of a busy experience. Text selection also has a new animation. The only way I can describe it is….fluid.


Benchmarking used to be a great way to give a user some metric upon which he could gain cognizance on how well a device will perform in the real world. Today, that is not a fact. The only thing benchmarks do is tell how well a device will perform on the benchmark it is running. If you buy an android or an iDevice on how well it benchmarks, expect it to run just like that on the benchmark you are running, and nothing more.

Folks over at Samsung will and have taken advantage of benchmark applications, increasing the clock speed for benchmark apps only. Why? Because they think people are stupid and still buy devices against comparison on the spec sheet.

Don’t be one of those people

Instead, take some time and run the applications you normally use across the range of devices you are considering and make your decision that way.

However, benchmarks do give a metric. As arbitrary as they are, they can be a good measure of the performance of a device against itself. That’s said:

iPad Air benchmark


Historical geekbench

If you ever get bored and want to hear my full rant about what good benchmarks bring to the world, enjoy that here.

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