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iOS 9 Jailbreak:Quick Action Menu and Live Photos for All



It will be easy to see the diabolical Apple marketing engine in this hack example. While I do not think Apple does this for the simple fact that they want to sell more new iPhones that they begin cannibalizing the mature end of the user spectrum, limiting functionality from more than capable devices is a slippery slope. In other words, I am bugged by Jailbreaking an iPhone for newer iPhone functions that aren’t truly hardware enabled. You obviously can’t jailbreak an iPad 1 for FaceTime. But bringing Peek, Pop and Live Photo functions sans Taptic force presents a good UX on non-3DTouch handsets like the iPhone 6. Were these functions designed to be immersive with 3DTouch? Yes. Does it feel like something is missing using them on a non-3DTouch device? Kinda.

Do they work great on an iPhone 6? Absolutely.



If Apple wants to limit functions based on software needing more hardware resource that’s not a bad thing. While I disagree with decision making behind excluding the iPad Air (v1) from split screen multitasking, it can make sense when you factor in process threading capability and system resource. Making the claim that the iPad Air lacks the RAM to properly provide an outstanding user experience does make sense…depending on your view of ‘outstanding’.


All of these software-only enabled functions are going to get copied by Samsung and Google. Such is the destiny of mobile computing technology. Apple invents, Google imitates. There is nothing we can do about it…we will forever be slaves to it. So if you start firewalling functionality like Apple has with quick action menu options, Peek, Pop and Live Photos between the i6 and i6s, you run the risk of having to fight a tougher 2 front war.  Currently, Android conversions seem to be out front for Apple. But if the iPhone 6s is unique across the iPhone line wits ‘function X’ and all Android handsets have ‘function ~X’ (irrespective of the quality of the user experience), then Apple runs the risk of losing conversions to currently available iPhones like the 6 and 6 plus…both of which are absolutely capable of Peak, Pop, and Live Photos as you seen the video.

Dichotomy, Irony and Paradox

The gears of droidHaving to compete with Android handsets on a marketing battlefield that  is intentionally obscured with half-truths and pockmarked with unintelligible disclaimers (See: Screens Simulated), is not an easy task. Especially because Apple uses marketing and advertising that consists only of real people (instead of super fast-typing robots) using real functions (instead of Android-bomb dropping F35’s) on real devices (instead of devices with simulated screens). Because the Android eco-system is marketed to the ‘value’ shopper, or perhaps a better description is the  consumer that can’t see anything beyond  a ‘Zero-Cost’ up-front  price tag, and that’s bad news for Apple.

Their own configuration decisions are the root: They are excluding the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from the Android-conversion equation by limiting them from iPhone 6s functions based on software requirements only. It directly impacts the conversion of ‘Zero-Cost’-ers who wouldn’t be buying the 6s anyway. And when you think about the Android ecosystem and how many of their users buyers place the priority of the ‘zero cost’ investment as paramount in the decision making process, that’s a sizable chunk of prospective iConverts.


We won’t see the effect of ‘force-touch’ on mobile devices for a while yet. I say this because of the lack of application adoption outside of the Apple-sphere. Apple wasn’t the first handset to deploy a pressure sensitive display. Huawei, in a fail of catastrophic proportions, demoed their ‘Force-Touch’ capability at a conference a month or two ago. While they did have a working pressures sensitive display on the Mate, there was no haptic feedback. There was no real reason to buy the Mate for its pressure sensitive display unless you wanted to weigh 400 grams of….something. The Apple Developer community responded differently to 3D-Touch on the iPhone than Huawei developers did with the Mate. They actually thought about it, and applied shortcut functions and extended controls…peek, pop and Live Photos. I am seeing Twitter chatter from folks who aren’t quite up to the task of chaining iOS automation elements (share sheet, IFTTT, Launch Center Pro etc) raving about long press functions of Twitter clients on the springboard. In contrast, what have all the internets been saying about the Mate? Nada-lotta. Unless it’s about the finally functional and usable biometric scanner.

One thing is for certain: By restricting Peek, Pop and Live Photos, Apple has given a few people another reason to jailbreak. The best way to propagate technology, is to tell smart people they can’t have it.


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