iOS 9

iOS 9 beta 2 rolls

I was still digging into all the great coolness that was in beta one, and just got the notification that beta 2 is ready for deployment:

iOS 9 beta 2 notification


One of the really cool things I was messing around with, was the new uploader dialogue box presented for file uploads over http:


Whats cool here is that the more ellipsis leads to a dialogue box that displays Server as a source for the file origination.

I’ll be reporting from Newport Beach next week, where we will dig into the Maps Vs. Maps segment. Newport is where I brought the public view of Apple maps at work just 3 years ago during the betas of iOS 6:

I’m one of those guys that like to put apps in a side-by side environment, where before I had to flip back and forth between them…which really doesn’t do either of them the justice each deserves:


Today, with a little jailbreak tech and the superior firepower that the iPhone 6 brings, running 2 or even 3 instances of maps simultaneously is no problemo:

Some of the things I noticed in beta 1 of iOS 9 was some ‘glitchyness’ in safari. This was parallel to my experience in Mac OS 10.11.

El Capitan and iOS 9 have otherwise been fairly stable as far as betas can be thrown.


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