iOS 9.2

Upgrade or not?

For Jail breakers:

Negative. Make sure you get a solid copy on that: Negative. The 9.2 Jailbreak is not confirmed. While I don’t expect there to be a reason that there won’t be a security policy modification, always remember that a firmware update destroys your jailbreak, and we walk on thin ice these days for the following reasons:

  • Apple releases X.X.1 version updates more often now than they ever have, and sometimes those updates aren’t vetted through the developer portal. We don’t have any vision unless it is an X.X update.
  • Douchebags putting bounty on exploit exclusivity.
  • There is no 9.3 beta release

For ‘Works great out the box’ users:

You should be good to go. The 9.2 version was a solid beta, but despite the fact that 9.2 patches a few vulnerabilities, I am seeing spotty negative side effects from users on the internets. They are minor, not pandemic and not deal breakers. Until I get a little more time on 9.2 GM I’m not going to add to the nit-picking. 

I am gathering user response data as time goes by, and if you would like throw in your $.02, hit me up on the Tweeter @imthemobileguru.

Good luck!


Time sensitive restrictions on updates is new. This doesn’t mean anything, but a staged or staggered roll-out is a great way to manage infrastructure resources. Don’t read too much into this.

I’ll admit…it does pique my curiosity.


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