Team TaiG iOS 8.3 jailbreak

iOS 8.3 Jailbreak | Precautions | References

If anyone ever asks me the question:

‘Should I jailbreak my device?’

the answer will consist of an unequivocal and resoundingly affirmative response followed by a big smile and a list of reasons why it’s a great idea.

This kind of curiosity is rare in the iOS community for a couple of reasons:

  1. iDevices work so well right out of the box.
  2. The negative stigma that (for unwarranted reasons) has been placed on the jailbreak community.

The term jailbreak seems to have a negative connotation that many perceive the process or action of jail breaking as illegal, voids warranty, can cause irreparable damage and the like. None of which are true.

The one issue most novice jailbreakers fail to accomplish is securing the device after obtaining root access, which is a simple process demonstrated here.

In the context of device security concerning the root access password, the difference between a jailbroken and a non-jailbroken device is I absolutely know what your root password is if your handset has not been modified and so does anyone who cares to research it.

Team TaiG iOS 8.3 jailbreak

The iOS 8.3 Jailbreak release

TaiG released their tool for an 8.3 jailbreak. Huge congrats to team TaiG for their hard work, accomplishments and completing their objective.

There were a few issues, and some are still being ironed out, but the mitigating circumstances surrounding the decision for going forward with the 8.3 jailbreak depend on your current device state, whether or not you have an AppleWatch, where does Apple Music fall on your list of priorities and does the 8.3 jailbreak support the jailbreak tools you need.

State of the Jailbreak

First the obvious: If you were jailbroken before last week, you were on an 8.1.2 or earlier version of iOS.


  • iOS 8.2 is jail-breakable if you are sitting on this firmware version, but it is not being code signed by Apple so you cannot migrate to it and jailbreak it. It is also the first firmware version that supports AppleWatch pairing.


  • iOS 8.3 (build 12F69|12F70) is the latest official firmware version from Apple (posted on 08APR15)  It is jailbreak-able, and it is being code signed by Apple. You can migrate and jailbreak this firmware. AppleWatch pairing issues have been fixed in the latest versions of Cydia Substrate and The latest TaiG tool.
  • iOS 8.4 Is on deck at beta 4. It is required for AppleMusic. 8.4 could roll next week. Stefan Esser (aka i0n1c) has demonstrated beta versions of 8.4 jailbroken on an i6.
  • IOS 9 is in beta 2. Jailbreak status is unknown.

A community maintained document declaring 8.3 status of tools and tweaks can be found here:

The TaiG Jailbreak tool.

Taimur Assad at RedmondPie has excellent step-by-step tutes and video walk-thru media.

What I am doing

Nothing. I’m holding fast.


Hardly. I’m so fragmented right now my head is spinning. I’ve got a MacBook Pro on Yosemite, a MacBook Air on El Capitan, an iPad Air 2 on iOS 9 beta 2, an iPhone 6 jailbroken on 8.1.1, an iPhone 5 on iOS 8.4 beta 4, an iPad 3 jailbroken on 8.1, an iPad 2 jailbroken on 8.1, an iPad 1 on 5.1.1 and an engineer and a scout that need upgrading on Ghost Recon Future Soldier.


Proof of your devices, mensa…

beautiful apple


Where is the iPhone 6?

It’s taking the picture.

How do we know?

exif data






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