Integration of data in the Settings app in iOS 10.3 | Beta

iOS 10.3 beta 1

The past couple of dispatches include examples of Cupertinos vision of where their mobile operating system is headed.  There was the video that shows Weather integration in Maps for iOS:

Then there is the voicemail transcription integration in the iMessage application:

I have another example of data transposition that occurs in the iOS 10.3 beta.

The Settings web-app was redesigned a couple of years ago. It was designed to include a visual of the storage settings and the devices that are registered to the AppleID registered to your iCloud account:

Now, the above actually comes from a mobile browser on an iPhone 7. Normally, data must be consumed on a device that is not considered, “mobile”, by Apple. Devices such as a portable or desktop computer. The desktop render (which is what you see above) will yield a consumable version, however the navigation is frustrating at best.

This is where the new in iOS 10.3 comes in:

Here, you can see that the same data presented on can be had in the Settings app that sits right on the Springboard. It is functional and informative. This allows the user to become less reliant upon other devices other than those devices running on future versions of iOS to consume iOS data.

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