In what counterintuitive — yet non-trivial — ways does Apple’s walled garden approach ultimately serve its customers’ best interests? A…

Answer by Jason Yeaman:

Apples continued quest on the entire lifecycle of its products and services.

  • From designing the hardware and software for their devices
  • controlling how software is installed on those devices,

  • Creating the single point entry for third-party developers to develop software for the devices,

  • Creating an environment for developers to easily support their applications through standardization of firmware and hardware

  • Owning the approval process for that software to be showcased for those devices,

  • Creating a content delivery network to distribute digital products for those devices, 

  • Placing the focal point on the customer service aspect of support for those devices,

  • Having the understanding that a broken device does not purchase a digital content,

  • Partnering with financial institutions and merchants to support the vertical market for purchasing products on those devices,

  • building the financial infrastructure to take responsibility for the secure payment process when making purchases on those devices

  • Creating apple to apple functionality so the devices are interoperable with each other which dissuade people from incorporating third-party solutions and workflow which reduces issues with support and compatibility

  • Allowing their competition to create applications through the approved venue and supporting iOS customers to use those applications

All that pretty much encapsulates the apple ecosystem an environment that provides the iOS/OSX user with a decent familiar experience across internal  platforms while supporting competing hardware and software platforms, and extending this philosophy into the enterprise gives the consumer user a similiar experience at work.

In what counterintuitive — yet non-trivial — ways does Apple's walled garden approach ultimately serve its customers' best interests? A…

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