How to get those notorious Apple EarPods | Fresh Gear

It seems I have stumbled upon a process by which everyone will be able to get a pair of Apple EarPods:

I opened up the AppleStore app, and as you can see – the EarPods are recommended for my Black iPhone 7. Then we will tap on the image of the EarPods.

If you are signed in with your AppleID, the App will check compatibility with your registered devices.


  • Add the EarPods to your bag! 

On the bottom tabs, select Bag. Here your cart will be detailed. Here we have one set of EarPods ready to go. Select Buy with Apple Pay (accentuated be me with hearts).

Apple Pay that with TouchID:

No…Thank you!

Everyone should buy some EarPods today and help get America over 20k.

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