How secure is iOS 8 compared to BlackBerry’s latest OS?

You know why BlackBerry bought the encrypted garage door opener technology on an SD card? Because it was just a matter of time before a mobile security analyst would find out that BlackBerry handsets didn’t get a Government PO because of their ‘security’. They got it because there wasn’t anything else at the time.

Then, assuming that just because BB must be locked up tight because the Government uses them is such a con. The Government can barely build a website.
BlackBerry mediocrity in security can be confirmed by their purchase of SecuSmart.

If BB security is so super elite….why buy a garage door opener company for your HW encryption solution?

Answer by Jason Yeaman:

It depends on the current task and environment, and is it a part of a program that has been properly integrated into its enterprise environment. BBX hasn’t been much of a player in the hardware encryption category. That’s why they had so much flack from financial institutions and HIPPA compliant operations for adoption. They recently acquired a garage door opener company that happened to make a hardware encryption SD card and they shoved it in there and now claim they have hardware encryption.

iOS can run software encryption better an more secure than BBX hardware simply because the expansion card bus is a joke….which is why android users love to put applications on it. iOS has end-to-end encrypted communication protocols that the NSA and the CIA have bad dreams about. the US DOJ even called Apple ‘aiding the murders of children’ because they wouldn’t allow unauthorized access to their customers handset.

That is a fact.

When you couple that with a SecureElement, secure storage and biometric security that is operational in a Financial Payment System…it really speaks for itself.

BTW, android security is a joke when left up to an android user. Don’t listen to the misdirection.

BlackBerry has .gov adoption simply for the fact that it was a popular smartphone with an App Store before the iPhone was a serious enterprise player. Government civillians are old people, and old people don’t like new stuff.

How secure is iOS 8 compared to BlackBerry’s latest OS?

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