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 iMessage binary protocol encryption

How safe is it to use FaceTime and iMessage on a public wifi?
Or for this matter use an iPhone / iPad on a public wifi given the fact that there are some apps always connected (mail app, iMessage, Facetime, etc) where you don’t have to login everytime you want to use it?

How it works

When it comes to iMessage and FaceTime encryption, both technologies use the binary iMessage protocol and it is end to end encrypted.

This connection is established between 2 verified unique push tokens that ‘cannot’ be duplicated. The identification for the devices also includes a valid and verified AppleID that is active and authenticated to the device you are on every time it is unlocked, and it is also verified by the other iDevice you communicate with.

A URI value, (like an email address used for the iCloud account AppleID and/or phone number that is presented by the SIM and successfully registered to the carrier data network) the other part of the equation.
But because Apple removed themselves from the process of token (a data string that is sent back and forth between the 2 devices that is validated with each communication request) verification, a condition is created that is unlike most other encrypted communications platforms: No 3rd party exists to be spoofed.

Once these conditions have been met…there is no 3rd party to vector.

It’s just you and the person you are connected to.

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