How does data exemption work?

Government takes over internet, everyone wants free data. Didn’t see that coming!

Answer by Jason Yeaman:

Data exemption is contrary to the spirit of net neutrality.

Packets need to cost the same, at the same slowness, as all the other slow packets with intrinsic value.

If you do things like this….the Internet will cease to be free and open, and freedom will die, corporations will have faster tubes than startups, high school kid blogs will go back to the way they were before we have the free and open internets.

What you are describing is very packet-ist. Segregating packets from other packets based on intrinsic value is the precursor to packet hate. You can’t discriminate against packets at the data-link  layer because you want to use packetist epithets like ‘exemption’ .  That’s pretty dataphobic, don’t you think?

You still believe in freedom…don’t you?

How does data exemption work?

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