How did Guccifer2 pwn the Lib’s information system and communication server?

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How did Guccifer2 compromise the DNC information system?

DNC Hacker method

If you haven’t heard, a hacker who goes by the alias Guccifer2compromised a server operated by the DNC, downloaded their communications and is leaking them on line. Some of these contain the names and mobile numbers of DNC operatives.

So how did you do it?

These questions are also very popular. I’ve already said about the software vulnerabilities.

The DNC had NGP VAN software installed on their system so I used the 0-day exploit and then deployed my backdoor. The DNC used Windows on their server, so it made my work much easier. I installed my Trojan like virus on their PCs. I just modified the platform that I bought on the hacking forums for about $1.5k.

I’ve been inside the network for pretty long time, so I downloaded a lot of files. I lost access after they rebooted the system on June 12. But after all, if they’ll carry on like this it won’t be a problem to get in again and again.


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