Hackers enable advertisement funded subsudation sans advertisements

Amazon’s Subsidized Handsets get pwned.

Amazon’s Subsidized Handsets get pwned.

A green android robot that...seems to be secreting a chrome-ish substance.
A green android robot that…seems to be secreting a chrome-ish substance.

Android users don’t want to pay for anything man.

While I obviously commend the achievement…isn’t this why the Android ecosystem has so many issues staying funded without advertisements?

The Moto G4 Prime Exclusive was the first to get rooted, and once it was rooted, it was possible to remove the ads from it. Prime members who did the procedure essentially got a subsidized phone with no ads provided that they did not revert back to stock firmware.

Android finally comes full circle as it takes in a new role: Magic Coupon Machine. Where a phone using a free, open Source operating system is subsidized if the user allows advertisements, or magic coupons…to display on the lockscreen. Unabated.

You promise to look at these magic coupons on the lock screen...and we will give you this phone...free or something.

Now XDA has figured out how to remove the ads, effectively ripping off the ecosystem and getting a subsidized handset without being subjected to the torture that is Android and its relationship in advertising.

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