Guccifer2 leaks Dems docs again | DCCC

The dems problem isn’t opposing views or difference of opinion. Their problem is lack of transparency. 

People don’t leak information that isn’t hidden.

The DCCC is the Lower chamber support for Libs in the congress, and shares living and working space with members of the DNC in Washington DC.

The DCCC has been under scrutiny for information systems incompetence in the context of security…or the lack of it. The DCCC website was hacked so donors were redirected to a domain that was registered with a TLD resembling the donation website. 

The Russian boogey-man is busy.

New leaked documents show that there was unequivocal support for the Clinton campaign in 2015.
December 2015

Senator Sanders never had a chance. And that is now apparent despite running a great campaign. Sanders supporters should be concerned that their efforts were simply allowed by the DNC to help substantiate the facade of contest.

Concern for PII

These documents contain PII that will not be redacted. While it is important to maintain information integrity to show intent, it is equally important to understand that the individuals that spend their day as political operatives, when they go home to eat their young…they have private lives as well. 

It is important to understand that that the information systems and unique identifiers, such as email addresses and phone numbers are funded by the taxpayers of the United States. They are for official use only and should be treated a such. There is nothing wrong with contacting your congress-critter.

Do so with tact.



Today I’m posting DCCC docs on New Hampshire, Ohio, Illinois, North Carolina, that were among the most popular inquiries. It seems that the DCCC had prepaired to support the former Secretary of State as early as December, 2015. The docs below will show you the truth. Dig it deeper. I can also leak other files to journalists if required.



Documents leaked are incredibly thorough in analysis by their respective creators. They are region specific, outline dynamic strengths and weaknesses of both sides and explain in detail how to mitigate vulnerabilities through talking points. 

It is quite amusing to have a little cognizance behind where candidates get their information, and how they react in interviews and press conferences when interrogated on subjects outside of the talking points. 

This is why the general public has the perception that politicians are competent. They are fed talking point information by very good political and research analysts, as is demonstrated in these leaked documents. As long as the conversation is steered so that they maintain a clear direction, their comfort zone is intact and they can disseminate with confidence. 

Like an actor.

The comparison can be drawn to the actor who doesn’t speak out of script. As long as a professional is telling them what to say, how to say it and when to speak, the emulation of subject matter expertise leads to the perception that the individual owns a broader scope of knowledge than reality would reveal. In that reality, a politician couldn’t spell without an analyst directing them to open a box of crayons and directing them which color to use. 

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