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Building the photospheric data layer in Google Maps and Streetview

A screen capture of San Diego California on Google maps
San Diego, California

Data layers in Google Maps

There are many data layers that are incorporated to produce the product that is Google maps.  Most people think about the routing layer, the satellite layer, the public transportation layer and the poly layer. These are the most popular visual layers that are used for manual exploration and point-to-point execution of transportation. These layers are constructed by software engineers at Google. But there is another data layer called the photospheric data layer that is constructed by unpaid non-employee associates of Mountain View called, “Google Trusted Photographers”


Jason Yeaman is a Google trusted photographer
Google Trusted Photographer. Tap image for more.

Google trusted photographers are level five local guides who have been chosen by the Google maps and Street view authority to create a data layer that is similar to that of the Google Street View vehicles that roam city streets and interstate highways. The difference is, Trusted Photographers infiltrate the inside of buildings and create connected 360 photosphere constellations that represent a Google Virtual Tour.

The number of Google Street view photographers
About 1.3K, world-wide. Tap image for more.

At the time of this writing, there are 1,323 Google Trusted Photographers world-wide. Their numbers continue grow as more becone interested and qualify for the program.

The Google Virtual Tour

Google virtual tour using Google maps or Google Street view is an interesting animal. It allows you to visit the interior of a business and view a 360° photo anchored to a specific GPS coordinate. The Trusted Photographer then captures another location, aligns the view and connects the photospheres together, resulting in a virtual tour:


Sunset Seat: Del Mar, California

Google virtual tour of sunset seat in Del Mar California
Tap the image above for Virtual Tour

Visit the Southern section of the Torrey Pines State reserve just north of the Torrey Pines State Park to get one of the best Sunsets in San Diego. The piece of artwork was formed when the city of Del Mar decided to cut down an old Torrey Pine due to damage from bark beetles. The city hired Tim Richards, who is known for his famous carvings, to turn the tree into a living piece of art for everyone to enjoy. He created a beautiful piece with a small set of stairs up to the stump and the bench section accented with a gorgeous Red Tail hawk. The Red Tail hawk is the official bird of the Torrey Pines Reserve.

This piece of art work combined with the steep bluffs of Camino Del Mar provide an amazing view at any point of the day, especially during Sunset. Hike along the winding trails though thick Torrey Pines along the cliffs or down to the beautiful beach to get up close and personal with the Pacific.

Letrono CrossFit: Syracuse, Utah

Hey Google virtual tour of letrono CrossFit
Letrono. Tap the image above for the Virtual Tour

Letrono, the Greek word for Redemption, is the motto of our gym, our trainers, and our athletes. We see our fitness, and in essence CrossFit itself, as our Redemption; whether it be redemption from our pasts, from our failures, from our shortcomings, from our enemies and from our friends.

Lash Entensions and Style Lounge: Sandy, Utah

Lash extensions and style lounge Google virtual tour
Janine Calderwood. Tap the image above for the Virtual Tour.

Janine is the full-package. She is detailed with her quality of work and has that eye to know how to make you look beautiful. She does the best eyelash work I have seen in Utah. She is sweet, fun and makes you feel so comfortable.

I always have so much fun when I step into her salon. I recently had an awful experience at Aveda Landis on a haircut/color. Janine was able to fix my hair and make me look so much better. She is someone you can trust and her quality and talent with attention to detail is priceless. I highly recommend her.

She is such a gem! ”

Gents Barbershop: Ogden, Utah

A virtual tour of Gents barber shop in Ogden Utah
Gents. Tap the above image for the Virtual Tour.

Gents is a traditional barbershop specializing in hot towel straight razor shaves and classic men’s cuts and styles.

All services come with 2-3 hot towels, warm lather, after shave balm, and a splash of Classic Bay Rum after shave. Shaves also include essential pre shave oils, and skin conditioning cream.

All this, while enjoying a cold or hot beverage of choice.

A true, traditional, Gentleman’s service!

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