Google loses $Billions | Mobile Safari Privacy | WWDC iOSification

I was Oscar Mike last week, up north visiting family and friends, but here is a recap of the popular updates from last week:

Interesting metrics on ad-blockers, the Google deal with white-listing ads and how the market reacted:

Google Revenue loss due to ad blockers
Google losing billions to ad blockers


While I was reading the freshest tweets, I came across some excellent news on Apples decision to broaden the AppStore offerings from developers!

Ricky Mondello Apple engineer
Ad blocking coming to safari in iOS nine


Finally, a video post recapping WWDC updates on El Capitan and it’s iosification, and a bonus quicker-fix video how-to on the intermittent iPad auto rotation bug:

WWDC and el capitan coverage
iOSification and an iPad quicker-fix you won’t want to miss


The images above will link you up with the corresponding updates, just tap on them and consume.


Happy Monday!

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