Google launches Playbook, a guide and news app for Android developers


“When you first install the app, you’ll be able to personalize your content based on categories that apply to your business. These interests range from Design, Development, and Analytics to Games, Monetization, and more. You can even set the language for the app, and the country you’re in. Swipe left on stories to mark them as read, or share, save, or dismiss them. Unfortunately, you can’t play videos in the app as it opens the native YouTube app. But articles open in Chrome Custom Tabs for quicker loading.

An Explore tab lets you dive into specific subjects of building and growing your business — start at Develop, move to Launch, and a few steps later, read up on how to Earn. Most of these articles are written directly in the app, so you don’t need a data connection to view them. You can save articles to read later, and you can even opt for notifications from the app to keep you in the loop about new content”

It looks like this is something more than ‘just for developers’.

Anyone can get a hold of it…and that’s good.

Cover of android play book
Cover of android play book


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