Good for what ails you: The Apple (watch) ‘script

The term AppleScript has just taken on a whole new meaning.

Chief Clinical Transformation Officer Richard Milani at Ochner Health System, is overseeing a program at a hospital where doctors give high blood pressure patients – the Apple Watch,  as a solution to monitor high blood pressure and to prompt the patient to take her medication and also to exercise.

About 80% of costs to US healthcare go toward chronic disease prevention, and Milani believes the wearable is the perfect form factor to do it.

Because wearable technology is the perfect fit for an application like this, you would think that would also include android as a probable solution. It is not. Because HIPAA requires a high degree of privacy, Android is fundamentally unfit.  There are laws against selling a healthcare patients private data for money. Therefore Android doesn’t get a ‘clean bill of health’ in the healthcare space.

The facility has some other unique Apple-ish features. The New Orleans hospital emulates Apple more than Samsung does. It has a program called O-Bar, deliberately modeled after the Apple Genius Bar to help patients go through the thousands of healthcare and wellness apps that are available. Their electronic health record system called ‘Epic’,  uses Apple’s HealthKit software.


It also uses Apple’s HealthKit in a pilot called, ‘Hyper Tension Digital Medicine Program’ where blood pressure and heart rate data are recorded by the user through wifi enabled monitors, and that data is transported via Internet and placed in their medical record.  Ochsner staff can then make real-time adjustments to the patient’s medication.

You can read the whole story here:

The Apple Watch began arriving in homes and businesses across America on Friday. And in New Orleans, one doctor immediately strapped it to his patient’s wrist.

Source: A Hospital Is Already Giving Apple Watch To Its Patients

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