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two iphones

“I done jacked 2 iPhones, so I should have held up 2 fingers…but I needed help.”


But the iPhone has to belong to a woman at the amusement park who also had another iPhone, credit cards, Park tickets and a camera(why?) in a bag she left on a bench. Then you need to steal that bag, and when you make it to your crib you need to take a couple of really high class shots with your really cute girl friend…and make sure you have your latest acquisition from New Yorks most prestigious outlet for trending head fashion.

Take some shots and smile!

Now all you have to do is wait because the iPhone you stole happens to have the same Apple ID has an iPad in the owners possession. And she happens to have iCloud library enabled. So every time you decide to to make duck lips or show how many you can count to and prove it to the world by snapping a photo, the woman who owns the handset puts your picture (wearing that dope lid) on FaceBook.

Mr. Schnookums utilizing his, ‘purposefully looking away’ posing skillz. 

They are simply mad…these skillz.

According to the iPhone owner, Kelly Jones who was visiting cedar point amusement park in Sandusky Ohio, when she got home she was looking through her iPad when she saw Mr. Schnookums (not his real name) in the rarity lid. These could have only been taken from her stolen iPhone, because when 2 or more devices are configured with the same iCloud address and Photo Library is enabled, the photos taken or saved to one device will auto replicate on the other.
She decided to post these on her Facebook account with aspirations of meeting Mr. Schnookums and asking him for to autograph her copy of his photo…and her 2 iPhones back. His photos were loved so much, they were shared 75K times.
(The images above were slightly modified for aesthetic enhancement, informative content and humor)

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