FCC announces a not-investigation into the no cap data streaming inequality 

Allowing the government to even have an opinion on this is absolutely silly. But fair has to be fair. 

If you are an app developer in the entertainment category, and your application streams music or video content to the user…you were looking pretty good.

Until today.

As you can probably imagine, media streaming is a popular service, it is big business and it is what drives the majority of the traffic on the Internet. HBO, Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music…they all compete for you dollar as a subscription service. A year ago, you also had to keep in mind that unless you were connected to a WiFi hotspot, it was possible that your entire data allowance could get eaten up by watching the Matrix one and a half times.

Then something changed…

Carriers started offering media streaming services that no longer counted against your data plan. So you could listen to Taylor Swift all day long, watch YouTube videos all night and veg in front of your device where ever you were all weekend long and never touch your monthly data allowance. How cool is that? The most data intensive protocols…the most expensive things you can do on the Internet in the context of data usage and monetary cost was absolutely free.


But wait a minute. Why is it only free for Movies and Music? That’s not fair. Why should movies and music be free? That’s not fair to the people who don’t like movies and music. What about the poor children who are blogging on their iPhones? They are the ones who get stuck paying for everyone else’s share of the data usage…don’t they?

If the carriers need to pay to maintain their infrastructure, and the rich people with all their fancy HBO, Hulu Plus, NetFlix and  Pandora Premium subscriptions are spending all of their time watching and listening to all that unbuffered, HD, 4K, 1%er Wall-Street multimedia…who is paying for the data costs?

Poor children are.

The disenfranchised impoverished kids who do things like play multiplayer video games on line. The inner-city youth who can’t afford subscriptions on their iPhone 6S and are forced into doing non-subscription mobile computing Like graphic and multimedia design…and they have to bear the burden of paying astronomical prices just to upload their content on 500px. 

The high school student blogger…whose only crime was choosing to create her own website writing about climate change so she could inform the world about how we are killing the planet, she has to upload her images in 3 different sizes so she could support high definition imagery content for iPads. She is the one paying for the rich millionaires share of the carrier maintenance costs.

There you have it folks. That’s your net neutrality.


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