Drag an iPhone 6S Plus on the freeway

Why drag an iPhone 6S Plus on the freeway at high speeds?


Why not?

TechRax is one of my favorite YouTube channel operators. Most people think he is crazy…he could be. But it’s a special kind of crazy. He does things to mobile technology just to see what will happen to them. From my perspective, this is simply technology sacrifice in the name of science. Valuable durability data can be extrapolated from his experiments.

Drag grid

Some videos of ‘abused’ technology can give you an idea about how they will react in real world events.

For example, when one gent placed some iPhones in bowls of water for an hour while they continued to run, he thought a more practical was necessary, so he boiled an iPhone.

Taking it to the next level

Drop tests. We have all seen them. They are interesting. They give us an idea about the durability of the phone. So before you buy one, you consult drop test videos.

But what if you:

…accidentally dragged your iPhone 6S Plus on the freeway for a few miles?

It could happen…

So let’s find out. Tap on the image below for the video. You will be surprised how it turns out.image


Drag iphone
Yee haw?

I was.


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