Do you still support net neutrality?

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The FCC regulated an entire industry predicated on the idea that the last mile ISP had too much power. This premise was based on the false perception that Comcast had throttled A content delivery network data stream to its own Comcast customer.

Now the FCC realizes that it wasn't Comcast it was Cogent, who is Netflix Internet transit provider. Cogent  business model sells two kinds of data transi:t wholesale and retail. And when Netflix wholesale account flooded the Cogent network, cogent QOS Flip the priority for that contingency. So net neutrality doesn't fix networks because it wasn't a network issue it was a business model issue.

Since the net neutrality regulation does not go farther then the last mile ISP the regulation is useless in the Netflix versus Comcast scenario. Therefore net neutrality is a law that does not fix a problem because the last mile ISP never was the problem. And now we have a regulation that does absolutely nothing in case this ever happens again.

Based on that do you still support net neutrality and do you think the government should investigate before they decide to legislate?

Do you still support net neutrality?