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Cupertino releases iOS 11 beta 8 to developers | Benchmarks

iOS 11 beta 8

Apple released iOS 11 beta 8 to developers today – an OTA update weighing in at just under 60 MB. Until we get the full scoop on what bugs were squished and which features (if any) were toggled, here is a snapshot of the performance progression for my iPhone 7 through the range of the iOS 11 beta cycle:

iOS 11 beta performance progression

iPhone 7

The current Geek Bench performance stat for my iPhone 7 on the eighth beta, stands at the highest benchmark metric in the cycle. Extrapolate that information with caution…because benchmarks don’t mean much.

PERFOrmance progression of iPhone 7

You can catch more Geekbench metrics in the devices I have tested at the following link from Primate Labs:







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