Critical update: Cydia Installer 1.1.26|3DTouch hack and Tute



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image credit: Kathleen Linton

What the…you can do that on an iPhone 6?

Don’t look so surprised. I knew this was gonna happen I wrote about it in  my analysis you can read that here. There are some stability issues and functionality improvements addressed in a patch issued today in Cydia.

I opened up Cydia (It’s pronounced CuhDEEuh not SIDeeuh if you care to get it as intended) early this morning about 12:45, and I got a critical update notifier from Jay Freeman on an update for the Cydia installer version 1.1.26. I’m reading the release notes on the past five or six changes and found something pretty interesting. It looks like Saurik, has been up ‘fixing’ things. Sometimes fixes break things, and it takes a one hell of an individual with a team individuals…all inde Devs, who are interested in a community to support Cydia so don’t forget to support your Developers by legitimately purchasing their code, and by donating what you can. You should get the same a pop up window that basically says you’ve  got an essential upgrade, it must be completed and this is due to the Cydia installer update is required so…get Oscar Mike and hit complete upgrade and you’ll be good to go:

cydia updates
Utah….get me two!
As you can see from the image below I’m currently sitting on Cydia 1.1.24:


I’ve got two upgrades available: Cydia and Enable Live Photos which is the second bug fix in as many days. Enable Live photos is an extraction from the official functionality in iOS nine from the iPhone 6s made to work with older iPhones in both 32 and 64 bit devices. LivePhotos is an application that animates about a second prior and the second after you take a still picture. And with a little blurb you get a really cool animation, that is actually better than a GIF. Here is an example of what Enable Live Photos does from the user perspective using the tweak on an iPhone as you would view it, and then what it looks like from an over the shoulder view. The video that I’m going to be taking still shots of is called “Chasing Light” from Austin Mann. It’s playing on an iPad Air2 as I snap from an i6. Here is that Tute:

But back to the program, after that essential update my install went to The filesystem prep screen. I would leave that alone if it happens to you. I thought that I might be having some issues so I did a hard reset after  waiting for a minute or so. It came back to the filesystem prep and I figured it was legit so just set the phone down go get some coffee and a couple of donuts…and some birthday cake…a pack skittles some Coke zero and by the time you get back you should be good to go…

If You have issues let me know how your install went and I’m more happy to help you out.

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